Sunday, September 23, 2012

 I sat by what's left of the pond this afternoon, and it was teeming with life! Several dragonflies flew around, and these skimmers were landing on my hands and head. After I looked at the photos that I took, it became apparent there were a lot more than I had thought! Their wings are getting pretty tattered this late in the season, so I could tell them apart. The top photo has his left wings intact, but the next photo the lower left wing was damaged. And there were several others. They were also doing the 'unmentionable' dance!
 This green darner, which I have learned is the official Washington State Insect, was extremely territorial, and spent his time facing me like this, then darting off to chase away intruders. He was having quite a time of it, what with all the other dragonflies, birds, and other large insects that were attracted to the water.
 There was a continuous parade of birds while I sat there. First a group of cute chestnut-backed chickadees flitted through the trees and splashed in the water. Then some sparrows showed up, and last a squadron of these red crossbills. I just missed the better shot - there were at least 8 of them lined up on the shore, but they started to take off before I realized it! A couple of robins and some lbj's completed the lineup. A nice early fall day in the woods.

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