Friday, March 20, 2015

 It is officially spring today! I haven't been down in the woods for a while, so went to see what is happening, even though it was a little rainy.
 I had read something by a naturalist talking about the flowers of the red huckleberry, so I looked for those. Above is the blue huckleberry's flower - very sweet. But I didn't see flowers on the reds, until suddenly I realized those little nubby things are the flowers! So different, but once I noticed them, I saw them everywhere!
 Skunk cabbage is also making an appearance.
 And the salmonberry is popping with it's bright fushcia pink!

Made another batch of face cream - I just finished off the last batch, and I really like how it feels on my skin. It's very rich, and keeps my skin soft. Pretty simple to do, too!
I didn't get many more photos - this is right before the Auction, when the Retreat Committee honored Massy for his many years of being the chairman of the committee. This is a lovely tool chest, with velvet-lined drawers. He really liked it!
FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
 As Gallery chair, I am in charge of taking in all of the pieces for the gallery, and printing up label cards to display with them. The past few years, we have also been photographing each one, and this year I bought a light tent to use, with fabulous results - just see how evenly lit this basket is, and no glarey spots on the wires. I was very happy!
And, just for fun, a view through an artwork, out the window to the deck and lake.
 Claudia, David and Mary did a great job arranging the displays.
 Here are some of the artworks!
 Today was sunny and warm, and amid my duties at Gallery Chair, I took my walk around the lake. It's about a mile, and always pleasant. Reflections,
 lovely paths,
 mosses catching the sun,
 brilliant green new leaves,
 sparkly water fairies,
 and a territorial squirrel with her fir cone!
 Back at South Lodge, students are taking advantage of the deck and the sun,

while others labor away inside.

 Once again it is time for the Northwest Basket Weavers Spring Retreat! Caught the dawn ferry so I could be there bright and early, but it was rainy. I sidetracked to another camp that we are looking at for next year, and as I was parked next to the camp, I saw this rainbow. A sign?
 I took a class today - full-turn-twining with Kay Harradine. She started the bases for us, and here I have continued the twining and joined it together. Below, students watch as Kay demonstrates.

 It rained all morning, but actually stopped for a while! This is the wet deck outside our cabin - the lake is just down the hill. I spent a fair bit of time there on the sunny days!
 I have been staying in the same cabin for several years, and last year this cherry tree was just starting to bloom. This year, it is almost done, and the retreat is actually a few days earlier. Signs of our warm winter!

The camp has a nice labyrinth that I enjoy visiting.
Next to the labyrinth, we planted a cedar tree (which I donated) in memory of a long-time Guild member. This is it's third year, and it is thriving and had lots of new growth. It would be sad to move to a new camp and leave the tree behind, but also OK.

I saw a photo of these owl sachets, and just had to make some! I have a large stash of upholstery fabric, which makes nice feather-y textures. And their expressions are so cute! There will be more!
Apollo lying on the table, saying, "What is this thing you are putting in my face??"
 Sitting in the ferry line, there was a huge fog bank over the ferry dock.
But by the time I finally got on the boat, the water was clear and sunny!
Sorry this is sideways, but it has been such a pretty amaryllis. I received it as a gift at Christmas, and have had months of enjoyment watching it grow and bloom. Here it and Apollo are catching the early morning sun.
Came up this road that I travel on frequently, and saw the full moon right there! It was amazing to chance upon this view!