Saturday, March 31, 2007

I found a gorgeous sunset today coming back from Oak Harbor. Here I captured the sunlight coming through the waves.
This was earlier, looking at the Naval Air station across the harbor, with the full moon just coming up over the Cascade Mountains.
Here are some progressive shots of the sunset from the little beach park at the end of Libby Road.
The funny splashy thing in the center of this photo is a pair of ducks that were doing something to splash the water, and it caught the sunlight. I'm not sure what they were doing, but they did it for quite a while.
Then I drove south a little more to Ebey's Landing, and the colors just exploded behind the bluff. Across the street, this abandoned homestead reflected the sunset in it's windows, with another view of the full moon.
It was an incredible sight.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I finally decided on a design for the bead challenge - it's based on the Beaded Bark basket I made at Retreat. I randomly added the challenge beads on the sides and at the rim. It's not something I would have made without the challenge - I like things more symmetrical or creating some type of pattern. But I'm pretty happy with it - one thing's for sure - there won't be anything else like it in the exhibit! Here's a photo of the beads I had to use.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The cherry trees in Freeland are in full bloom, and full of bees. Standing under the tree, I could hear them everywhere, frantically going from blossom to blossom - so quickly it was hard to find one long enough to focus! It smelled wonderful - a delight to all my senses.
There are two long rows of cherry trees beautifully lining the parking lot of the vet's office.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A trio of crows - how many does it take to make a murder of crows? They were at the beach as the sun was going down, since the tide was low. They chased the seagulls away from their pickings, then flew up into the trees to discuss it. They weren't too happy with me being there, either.
As I was getting into position to take their pictures, I looked over and saw this alder catkin and new leaf budding out. You can really see the reddish tint that the catkins take on - from a distance the whole tree looks red. But soon enough they will drop off, and the leaves will swell into a translucent chartreuse before they firm up and turn a solid darker green.
I'm reading Rachel Carson again after 40 years. Her words are very inspiring; I want to do as she says, and recreate the wonder of nature's changes every day. Look far, and look close. You see the indomitable spirit in the tree that has taken root on this abandoned dock washed ashore.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Road trip! My freind Deb and I went to SoDo today, the South of Downtown Seattle area, which is full of old warehouse buildings which are being renovated and filled with fun shops. I loved the amazing old signs we saw - antique letters announcing the Antique Mall, the Vertigo Building with Jimmy Stewart, an old furniture sign, the clock tower at the Sears Building, and Tully Coffee's colorful renovation of the old Rainier Beer Building with downtown Seattle in the background.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I know lots of people don't like dandelions, but they're so bright and cheerful! They popped out yesterday, and now the lawn is full of them. But time to mow approaches . . . .
Got out for a walk, and found ducks on the pond. The drake really stands out against the muted reflections. But then, Buzz spooked them, and off they went!
The rain has finally let up, and we had a nice sunrise, although with a bit of frost. But it warmed up quickly, misting through the valley.
At the end of the work day, there was still enough sun for David and Billy to relax on the back of the truck.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Mukilteo Lighthouse from the ferry. Tide's out, sky's clearing. What could be better?

I finally got caught up on the Retreat week - I have added all the photos and commentary in the Tuesday, March 13 entry. You can go back and take a look, if you want.
Well, I got a new printer today - Epson photo printer, and, for $79, it prints lab-quality photos - how do they do that??? We didn't need anything fancy, so this basic model makes the best prints. We plan to use it and the binding machine to make booklets for David's arbors to give to nurseries and other dealers. We're pretty excited about becoming a print shop.

Now, you're looking at this photo and saying, "Geez - she's taking pictures while she's driving again! That ought to be illegal!" Sorry - but sometimes you just gotta do it! This is the Boeing Paint area at Paine Field, not that you can see much!

And this shot of the ferry dock was too cool - the sun was so bright on the water that no color at all registered, except in the shade. The tide was flowing so fast that you could see the current where it went over the pilings.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wow - we sure got a lot of rain today! I didn't even venture outside! So here's a photo of the beaded basket I made at Retreat. I hadn't gotten a good one of it finished.

I am so excited - I ordered a RubiCoil machine! It is used to make book bindings - the plastic spiral kind. I've been wanting one for a long time, and we will need it for promotional material for David's business, as well as whatever else I want to make with it.
I've got lots of sheets of information, photos, instructions, etc., just waiting to be made into books and calendars. Yay!! Can't wait for it to get here.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday! Got a lot of little niggling things done at work today - that's a good feeling. Wild wet & windy weather. Jonathan and Suze returned from Oregon today, with Mary Anne and David in tow. That's them on the couch at Suze's house. Mary Anne and David just got married on Wednesday, and are very happy together. It was nice to meet him! And it is good to see Suze again - she's been gone since November, so it has been a while.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Art Day again! It's a rather blustery day, and this is the view from Carol's deck, looking out over Useless Bay toward the Olympic Mts. with Double Bluff at the far right. The tide is on it's way out, way, way out! This is why it's called Useless Bay - shallow and sandy for a long way. There are clams and geoducks out there, and tide pools to explore - lots of fun at low tide. Part of it is also an off-leash area for dogs to frolic.

Margaret is petting Abbey in Carol's living room, with some of her quilts on the wall. She's been working very hard at her quilting, and has won several awards and best-of-shows. It's always a treat to see them!
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
I was kidnapped by one of my clients today - she made me go out and look at some old projects! She is actually renting an apartment from the owners of this house that I did with a contractror. It's fun to get out and see how all the spaces work, and how the owners decorate their homes.
This dining room and kitchen were lovely - I really liked the color of the walls with the black countertops and dark cabinets.
You can see beyond the kitchen into the family room, where the walls are painted a pale yellow. The house is light and open - they really like it and it works well for them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's been a while since I've posted -so I've got some catching up to do. But here is today's photo - my maidenhair fern is coming to life - fronds are bursting from the fiddleheads! Soon it will be full and lush.
And the hyacinth are in full bloom - can't you just smell them?

Monday, 19 March 2007

Cody's birthday was the 16th, but I was gone, so we're celebrating tonight at a restaurant on a lake. Wonderful food, and, as you can see, lovely desserts!
Here's David & Cody waiting for the desserts to arrive.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sunday, March 18, 2007
Here are my cabin mates: Polly Sutton, Jo Campbell-Amsler, Marilyn Moore & Jackie Abrams. Everyone is slightly goofy on Sunday morning - it's been a long week!
Here are Diane and my dolls with their feet in and arms started! Of course, I still don't have the arms done, but I will!
Jo and Renee are wrapping up one of the willow classes - everyone is getting ready to go home.

This is from the ferry on the trip to Edmonds - we're looking south, and you can just see the Seattle buildings, and even the Space Needle on the horizon at the right.
This is looking to the North, and the land you see is the South end of Whidbey Island - Home!! But I still have to land at Edmonds, then drive north to the Mukilteo ferry and sail back across the strait. I'm ready to be home.
Saturday, March 17, 2007
Saturday's class is the Fantasy Figure with natural materials, by Donna Sakamoto-Crispin. Here Diane is trimming the bottom of her tunic, and next is my doll awaiting the bottom border.

Here Donna is showing how to start the feet.
This is Jackie Abrams' paper hexagonal weave class in the second day of a two-day class. The baskets were amazingly intricate, but the students persevered, and most of them finished.
Jackie is on the right, and Jill Green is on the left showing off her basket.

Friday, March 16, 2007
Friday's class is the Beaded Bark, taught by Polly Sutton. Here is my start, showing the cedar bark base and the beads strung on wire. That was our first task.
Here is Marcee working on hers, with mine in the foreground.

The weather turned out great, so some of the classes moved outside. Kathey Ervin, Hanna Mandt, teacher Jo Campbell-Amsler and a student went down by the lake to work on their hen baskets.
The Willow Magazine basket class sat out in the sun - some of the students were starting a second base.
After dinner and a slide show, we attended the Gallery Gala. Members bring baskets to show in the Gallery - it is always an amazing display of the wonderful work everyone does!

Thursday, March 15, 2007
Full day of class today. It's another class with paper from Jackie, called the Maori basket, because it's based on a design the Maori's use with their native flax. We got to choose a sheet of painted paper, then put it through the pasta machine to cut into strips. Since they were painted different colors on each side, we had lots of design options. Here is my base all woven, and the beginning of the side.
Here are some of the beginnings.

Here are some of the baskets further along, and a trio mostly finished - what wonderful colors and designs.

Another class was the Willow Magazine basket - here everyone has finished their bases, and added all the spokes. You need to be careful walking in this class - you'll get whipped with a willow withie!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Basket Guild Retreat starts today - Yippee! Normally I take the Port Townsend ferry and drive south on the peninsula, but it is broken down, so I have to take the Mukilteo ferry, then drive to the Edmonds ferry and take it to the Peninsula. So lots of traveling! Along the way, we were stopped for construction, and I looked up to see the wires and clouds. It just caught my fancy, so I took a few shots.

After settling in and having dinner, we had a short class. Teacher Jackie Abrams from Vermont showed us how to make rattles from strips of watercolor paper that she had painted. Fun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Oh - I just love this photo! It frosted last night, but after the sun came up, it melted and everything was dripping. Of course, soon after this shot, it clouded over and began to rain, with a touch of hail. The forsythia is in full bloom now - sunshine on earth.

Tonight was book club - we read The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch. I just loved it - it was about a 13-year-old boy who spends his summer in Puget Sound collecting sea life for restaurants and aquariums. He observes everything, and has read every book about marine biology he can get his hands on. He also read Rachel Carson's books, and of course now I need to go back and re-read those too, since it's probably been 30 years since I read them. In the novel, the boy also has to deal with changes in his family, his friends, and his body. It was very well done, and most of the club members really enjoyed it, too. The first photo is Cathi, Robyn & Bonnie, the other shows Dayle, Jane and Karen.

Tomorrow I'll be at Retreat, so won't be able to post for a few days, but I'll get caught up when I return on Sunday.