Wednesday, October 31, 2012

With all the rain, the pond has filled up. If it keeps up, it will be overflowing within a couple of days.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 Welcome home! I guess it has been raining pretty much the whole time I was gone. Things are very wet, leaves are turning and falling. This is the cherry tree at the end of the driveway.

On the flight home, we took off during the storm, but soon flew out of it. This is the western edge of Hurricane Sandy - hundreds of miles from the eye, but still plenty of wind and rain. I understand the airport closed later that evening, so I was glad to have been able to leave on schedule.
 Gary and Betsy came to visit, and brought the kittens they had gotten last spring. They are now bigger than their mom, Elvira. Elvira was interested and calm, but Quincy wouldn't let her get any closer - she hissed!
 Freckles and Quincy try to see what that tan cat is looking at!
 Of more interest was the bird feeder outside - the kittens are indoor kitties now, so they loved the windows!
And they made themselves right at home!
Well, the weather turned cold and rainy - thanks to the hurricane Sandy coming up the eastern seaboard. A far-reaching storm! Cris, Nancy and I went hiking anyway, out to the NatureRealm. It rained a tiny bit, but we stayed dry most of the time. The woods were very pretty with the trees all dark from the wet, and the leaves golden.
 Except for the pink ones!
 In the lake, you can see the raindrops. Above is a reflection of the bare branches, showing over the floating leaves.

We did see some bluebirds!
 Cris and I went to Cleveland to see an exhibit at Howson Gallery by one of our favorite artists, India Flint. She wrote the Eco Dyeing book, and this is one of her dyed and stitched pieces.
 This is a book she made and dyed.
 Susan Gaylord was the other artist showing, and these are a couple of her "Spirit Books". She uses lots of natural materials, and dyes them, and has unusual bindings and holders.

The gallery is housed in a newer wing of this building - really cool!
 Lovely sunrise, but I couldn't find a clear view of it. But it was very nice behind the trees.
 Walking up Adawood Drive to watch the sunrise.
 This is the view when I turn around, looking back at Mom & Dad's house at the end of the drive.
 Elvira loved playing in the leaves, but didn't hesitate to let us know when she wanted in!
Drinking in the birdbath.
 Mom, Cris and I went down to Mohican, and the view from the overlook was spectacular, as always. The sycamore trees following the river had already lost their leaves, but the oaks and maples were still very showy.
 The Clear Fork River lived up to it's name - very clear and calm, reflecting the trees and the covered bridge.
 Found these amazingly purple braken/fungus on a fallen branch.
 Hiked up to the Tilting Rocks, where what little water was there was hidden under all of the falling leaves.
 And, at Lyon's Falls, they built a new stairway to the top of the gorge.
Final stop is always the dam, where the blue water reflected the blue sky while a few boats pretended to fish.
Had a great visit with my sister Kathy, but plumb forgot to get out the camera!

 Another pretty day - and the temps were in the 80's! A Panoramic shot of Mom & Dad's house and driveway with the bright red gum tree taking center stage.
 A view down the lane toward the rising sun.
 That gum tree again, with a tulip tree on the right.
Later on, the Adawood Girls Club got together and celebrated birthdays!

 Cris and I went to Columbus to visit her daughter Chloe, and we took advantage of the gorgeous day to take a hike in a park there.

 It had some Indian earthworks with an interpretive sign - they aren't sure why the mounds were built, but sure interesting to see.

 The trail had an overlook above the Olentangy River, where one of the trees hosts an eagle's nest in the spring.
The leaves were amazing!

 I arrived in Ohio just past peak leaf season, but there are still plenty of beautiful trees and leaves. The pond reflects a few maples, showing their perfect golden colors.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Headed out to Ohio today, so blog posts will be a bit sporadic for the next week or so! But you know I'll get it all caught up eventually!
 Taken from the shuttle bus to the airport as we rolled past downtown. I wanted to capture the orange space needle - it was repainted in the original colors to celebrate the 50-year anniversary! Capturing the jet was a bonus! The brightly colored sculptural building to the right of the needle is the Experience Music.
 The flight had been through the clouds, but as we neared Denver we broke free of them, just in time for a spectacular sunset over the Rocky Mountains.
 The lakes and ponds reflected the fiery orange of the sky.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

 I needed a pouch for the tablet, so have started with this upholstery fabric that I had. It has a metallic sheen in the same dark copper color - serendipity!
I lined the inside with a thick fleece, so it's nice and soft. I plan to finish the handle with hand sewing, but I needed to get the pouch done for my trip!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I had forgotten to get some photos of my new toy - an ASUS tablet, TF101 Transformer. The transformer part comes with a docking keyboard, which makes it into a little laptop!
 It's pretty fun, and I'm in a crash course to figure it all out!