Friday, January 14, 2011

 Carol and I went to downtown Seattle to view the Remodeler's Show at the Convention Center. Above is the Two Union Square office building - just for fun we rode the elevator to the top floor, but it was all private offices and they wouldn't let us look out the windows at the view. Dang! But, I have to say, that was the fastest elevator I have ever ridden in! Made my ears pop! While we were standing on the top floor waiting for the elevator, we noticed that we could feel the movement of the building. Always a bit unsettling.
 In the Convention Center, they let us look out the windows. Very cool architecture in the lobby area, above. For the photo below, I stood where the couple is standing. 
The lobby is actually a bridge over Pike Street, and you can see clear down to the water, where the Pike Place Market is, at the end.

And here is the view from the street, looking up at the lobby/bridge and the steel arches.

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