Friday, August 28, 2015

Stopped by one of my house plans that is being built, on Penn Cove. This is the view from the top of the bluff,
 and this is from the other side of the yard.
 Here you can see the entry side of the house, and beyond it to the Cove, so you can see what a great view they have!
 Inside, this is the great room - I'm standing in the kitchen looking at the dining and living area, with a den at the far end. Ralph is walking into the entry area. Behind the wall on my right is the master bedroom and bath area. For a compact home, it has a nice open feeling. Can't wait to see it with the walls finished!
 That evening Cathi and I went to see a Shakespeare play, The Tempest, performed by our local Shakespeare players.
 They had these great backdrops around the tent, depicting the storm and the sea scenes. We didn't really figure out what they're made of - the blue is silk sheets, and I think the white cutouts might be tyvek or something. They looked great.
The stage. It's all very informal, but we had a wonderful time, and the actors were awesome! Meant to get some photos of them, but got too entranced!

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