Sunday, July 26, 2015

 Went to the local Farmer's Market to pick up some produce, and saw that they were preparing to film a segment of The Cook and The Comic. This is our local WhidbeyTV company, owned by George Henny and his family. That's George, above, as they get ready to start the filming.
 The Cook is Chef Gordon, from Gordon's at Blueberry Hill. This is the set, complete with an overhead camera looking down on the cooking table and showing live action.
 David Ossman is the Comic - he's a famous comedian and actor from Firesign Theater days. Behind him is Gordon's sous chef. Everyone is ready to begin!

 The two of them have a wonderful off-the-cuff patter, on live TV. Here, they're discussing how the green tomato's shape is surprisingly similar shape to Gordon's.
 The first dish was Fried Green Tomatoes, with mixed greens and a fresh dressing. The tomatoes were sliced, dipped in tempura batter, then bread crumbs, and fried in deep fat.
 The presentation was beautiful! And some of the audience, me included, got a taste.

 Next up was a muffaletta, a sandwich recipe from New Orleans (which prompted a series of atrocious accents). It has layers of sliced meats, cheeses, and a chopped olive salad. It is wrapped tightly and refrigerated overnight, and through the magic of TV, he had one that he had made last night.
 This time others got to sample!
 Last was a Layer Crepe Cake, which consisted of multiple layers of crepes, alternated with a cream spread, which Gordon made from some of the local goat and sheep cheeses and honey. Then he made a caramel sauce with lavender and cinnamon to pour over. Finally, he added fresh berries from the market.

 Stunning! And I got to taste this, which was delectable! Gordon was filmed going around the farmer's market, buying fresh ingredients for these dishes, and interviewing the farmers.
The camera crew also got many shots of the audience enjoying themselves. And as I was right in the front row, I might be in some of them! I'll have to visit someone who has WhidbeyTV when the episode airs!

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