Saturday, August 2, 2014

Well, tomorrow I will have Fair photos - I will be there all day, volunteering in the Photo dept. and looking at all the entries! Plus, looking forward to seeing Fred and Barbara, favorite customers of David's BBQ business - they always have a busy food booth. AND, my all-time favorite fair food - scones!!

 Trying my hand at making nettle cordage. The stalks are just right this time of year. You want them mature, but not so old that they are brittle. After you pick them and remove the leaves, you break the stalk, and open it up.
 The hard inner part is broken, and the outer fibers are peeled away. This is the part you want to keep.
 You keep working your way up the stalk.
 This is one nettle's worth of fiber, ready to spin into cordage. Maybe tomorrow, because I've been sitting out on the lawn,
and watching the setting sun color the clouds. We heard thunder far off today, so someone was getting wet! But it was pretty nice here today.

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