Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014
 Before going back to the workshop, I had the pleasure of visiting with some of the ECV boys - in fact, they came up Saturday night and camped out around the fire. They were here on the Island to help Blair - they had a garage sale and benefit dinner for him at the Eagles Lodge. I was glad to see them again - it has been a couple of years. They really enjoy coming back here - many years of happy memories for them.
 Bobby was all curled up in his camo sleeping bag, and I actually walked right by him without noticing, until he moved and startled me! Everyone sure got a big kick out of that!
Later, the sunset was astounding. Although this is looking toward the east, it actually is the sunset. The whole sky was lit up in pinks and oranges. Turns out it was due to all of the smoke from the forest fires east of the mountains. Wow!

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