Monday, August 4, 2014

 OK - so here is all of the Super 17 entries. I got 11 blues, and 6 reds. Since I had more than one entry for several of the catagories, I had to choose which one I wanted to be my S17. For 3 of the catagories, my choice got red ribbons, and the ones I didn't choose got blues. So I COULD have had 14 blues, if only I had chosen more wisely.

Here are photos of each - the only one I don't have a photo of is the Fair Logo Contest, because they keep the Logo entries, and choose one of them for next year's Fair. My entry got a red ribbon.
 Arts and Crafts
 Baked Goods
 Fiber Art
 Fruit (blackberries don't last long in 80 degree temps!)
 Food Preservation

Sorry for the sideways photos, but Blogspot doesn't have a way to rotate them. Sigh. You'll just have to turn your head.
 Educational Display
 Floral (Again, they don't last very well)
Fine Art

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