Saturday, June 14, 2014

 Time to get the beer bottled! First, it is siphoned out of the carboy into a huge bucket, and the last ingredients are added - sugar to create the carbonation after it is bottled.
 The carboy with all of the left-over sludge.
 Bottles are washed and sterilized, and drain on a very cool borrowed bottle tree thingy.
 Also borrowed a very cool sterilizing thingy!
  Then, the bottles are filled, one at a time with the siphon hose.

 Finally got to the bottom of the bucket!
 Last step is capping - another borrowed item, a very cool bottle capper!

And, out of the five gallon batch, 48 12-oz bottles! Many thanks to Tarey and Rhonda for lending their equipment, and especially to Cathi for all of the help! Definitely not a one-person operation. Now it's the waiting game - and hope for some tasty brew!

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