Thursday, May 29, 2014

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014
 A Western Tanager! One of many highlights of the birding!
 A unique mount for a spotting scope. It seemed to work quite well.
 The guy furthest left, Max, gave a talk, then led the group on a walk. We heard lots of warblers, but those flitty creatures are hard to spot!
 Phlox and lupine in bloom.
 Look this way! No, over here!
 Playing at a tree house in the woods!

 Relaxing on the deck at Bird Central. Wenatchee River below.
 Sorry - I don't know why this is sideways, and I can't find a way to rotate it. So just pretend you can see the wonderfully colorful dinner we had at South.
 The evening lecture took place at the Sleeping Lady resort, which has a lot of outdoor art. We got there a little early and viewed some. This is a Dale Chihuelly piece. It looked like they had lights on it at night, but we couldn't stay that late.
The lecture was very entertaining, and the final slide was of a White-headed woodpecker, which the speaker had not seen until earlier today! One of his life birds!

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