Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well, I have been missing from these pages for months, now, and I really don't have any good excuses. I kept thinking I would catch up, but I didn't, and I just let it go. Week after week. I have had some grand adventures, with plenty to share, but still I didn't come back to my blog.

Maybe I needed the break. Maybe I was just being lazy. Lately I have really begun to miss it, and also miss the daily documentation of my life and the wondrous life around me.

So, I am back! I am not sure if I will continue with posting photos every day, so we'll just see what happens.

I will try to backtrack and post photos from my travels in Italy, Sequim, Tonga Ridge, Ohio, Oregon, La Push, and, of course, my own little 10-acre woods.

Today was a meeting of our little art group - it has been many weeks since I was able to come, and it is highly unusual for all of us to be there at the same time anyhow, so I was pleased to document this momentous occasion. Even if some of us (ahem) are being slightly goofy! Natalie, Jamie, Danielle, me, Carol and Janet - love you all!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your postings. I have silently followed your work and missed your photos from your neck of the woods.
A Florida Reader