Tuesday, September 11, 2012

 We had high wind gusts and loads of rain all night long, making for very little sleep. It was cold and wet in camp!
 Lots of fog and clouds.
 Everyone once in a while we would see a tiny patch of blue sky, and the sun would tease us. But, alas, it pretty much rained all day.
 We headed out anyway looking for huckleberries, but it was a dismal harvest - actually, we didn't find any! But, the forest was still lovely. Found a tree with spiral trunk - Sue said they are spruce.
 Lots of very wet branches.
And, as we climbed higher on the logging road, the rain began to turn to snow! You can actually see some of the snowdrops! Geez - it's still officially summer, isn't it?
A teasing glimpse of the sunset over Puget Sound - hoping it foretells clear skies tomorrow!

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