Thursday, August 9, 2012

 Carol and I went to the Schack Center in Everett for the opening of the Northwest Basket Guild's group show, Pearls of Experience. It is an amazing show, with lots of unusual art pieces, and the gallery is a wonderful space. Above is work by Melinda West, cedar bark strips lined with cedar bark paper.
 The installation on the wall is Flotilla, by Danielle Bodine, one of our regular art group. I loved how the shadows showed.
 Several members were demonstrating, and this pair, Elaine and Sheila, have been teaching together for many, many years. Sheila is a bit of a joker!
Another view of the space, with Carol sitting at the table in the background left, and Sally on the bench. She is the guild's Madame President this year. We had a good time!

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