Thursday, July 19, 2012

 Going past Mt Rainier the second time, on our way home. A much clearer day.
 In the morning in Bend, heading for one of the many round-abouts, with mountains a few miles away. Cody is looking at Bend as a possible place to move to, and he liked what he saw in the short time we were there.
One of the trailheads for bike trails, with lots of trails to choose from!
 On the way back to Rick's house, stopped at a little campground on the Hood River and watched the ouzels playing around. They appear to run on top of the swiftly flowing water, and also swim under it.
 Rick and Cody took a little ride around Trout Lake, and Rick just loves Cody's 'Arrogant Bastard' shirt. 
Cousie, Rick and Cheryl in front of their kitchen door.

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