Saturday, February 5, 2011

 David got a big (big!) surprise last night - several of the ECV guys came up for a surprise visit. I had been in touch with Tuna, second from left, for several weeks about this visit, and managed to keep it from David. They had a blast walking into the shop and watching his expression of disbelief! From left: Gay Bob (Bob), Tuna (Dan), Buzzard (David), Billy Boy (Bill), Gordo (Jeff), Chewy (Jeremy), and Sir Blair (Blair).
Bob also brought his son, another Bob (in grey shirt) and his buddy Dan (white hoodie), so we sure had a houseful - they spent the night! It turned out to be really good, and after the initial shock, David was really glad to see them. They offered a lot of support and help while he was sick, and it had been more than a year since he had seen any of them, as they live mostly south of Seattle. So it was a great visit, and the BS was knee deep! They were very happy to see David looking and feeling so well.

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