Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Again, no photo today - it was a very long day in town. We had 3 appointments at the Hospital - blood draw, CT scan, and follow-up DR visit.

It started off long - there was a ferry line-up, so we missed the one we wanted, but still with time to make the appointments at the hospital. Lots of rain, then a colossal back-up on the freeway, so we ended up missing the first appointment, but got there just barely on time for the second. Then, of course, they were backed up, so instead of getting out in time to grab some lunch, we again barely had time to get to the next appointment, where we ended up waiting and waiting, there, too. The end result was lunch, finally, at 5:00 - we were both beyond starving!

BUT - the exams were great! The scan showed nothing, and the labs and exam were all good, too. So, that is a big relief! David is feeling much better in general, and now he's on a schedule of follow-ups every 3-4 months for the next year. Now, that is a wonderful Christmas present!

And tonight will be special -  winter solstice, the longest night; with a full moon; AND a full lunar eclipse. This series of events only coincides every 5 or 6 hundred years . . .

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