Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is the sweet little cedar necklace pouch I received in the Basket Guild's gift exchange last night. It was actually a find in a thrift store, but is obviously well-crafted, with pretty patterns in the cedar bark. I may do something different with the beaded necklace part, though. For the exchange, we put numbers on our gifts, then drew numbers out of a bowl to see which one we would get. Well, everyone drew their numbers, but there was one gift left! And, it was the one I brought! The little willow bark basket. It just so happened that Ginnie was the last person to draw her number, so they gave her the choice of gifts, and I whispered to her that was mine, so she took it. I was tickled that she got my basket, and she was very pleased with it too. We always like a happy ending.

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