Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mount Baker looms over the Snoqualmie River Valley, right foreground, on my flight out to Ohio.
First, though, I had to wait in the ferry line - who would have thought there would be a line late on a weekday morning??
In the waiting area of SeaTac airport, the windowed viewing wall is one of my favorite things. The wall of glass is curved, and held in place by all the stainless steel cables.
On board, we're flying with the Eagle!
Lift-off - looking west over Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains.
 Over the Cascade Mountains, this is the general area where we go to pick the black huckleberries. I think.
We saw many forest fires, probably in the Idaho/Wyoming areas. There must have been lightening storms. The forest looks pretty sparse, and there weren't any houses or signs of habitation, so they were just left to burn themselves out.
Heading down to the Denver Airport.
Denver's parking structure at sunset.

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