Friday, May 15, 2009

My friend Karen came to visit for the day, and we went to walk through the Earth Sanctuary near Freeland. It was a beautiful day, and we went prepared to do some birding. At the Middle Pond, we saw many pairs of ducks with ducklings! Above is one of the Wood Ducklings.
This is one of the two mama Wood Ducks with little ones. . .
and here is Papa Wood Duck. There were two drakes, but they were very shy and kept hidden among the logs and grassy hillocks in the pond.
The Osprey kept a sharp eye on the babies, and later we saw both of them circling high overhead.
Karen brought her new binoculars, so we were able to get good looks at the Wood Duck, Mallard, Cinnamon Teal, Green-Winged Teal, Gadwall and Bufflehead pairs and ducklings. We also saw a couple of Painted Turtles sunning on the logs, and countless IBB's (itty bitty birds) that defy identification!
The Sanctuary also has several sacred spaces, including this ring of standing stones, mostly basaltic columns. Prayer flags fluttered everywhere in the trees, and piles of stacked stones showed the way along the paths. It was a very nice walk in the woods!
After a late lunch, we stopped at Double Bluff beach to see the low tide, and a pair of eagles were shooing away last year's offspring. He didn't seem to be taking the hint, but will figure it out in time, I'm sure!

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