Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is a feather lei, or at least the beginning of one. Our speaker at tonight's Northwest Basket Weavers guild meeting was Dawn Glinnsman, and this was one of the objects she brought for us to view. The feathers are sorted by size and color, and hand-sewn onto the strip of felt. You can see by the size of the feather above that it is an extremely tedious project, but amazingly lovely! It would be used as a head piece.
Her talk was about Native artists, mostly basket-makers, and was very interesting! After the talk, we all went up and looked at the items and books she brought. She is on the far right, talking to Leon.
It was still raining as I headed home. Stopped for a red light, I liked the play of lights through the raindrops. A car passes through the intersection.

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